Happy Birthday Melody [2 Years Old] !


May 9th 2018 marked my daughter’s second birthday! I always kind of doubted when people said to me that time will past by fast and that I should cherish every childhood moment with my daughter. Now, I can see why they have that saying because time really flew by fast because I do feel that it was just a few months ago that I was holding her in my arms and she really couldn’t say or communicate anything back to us. Now it’s literally her non stop talking and running around the house. It amazes me of how much of a personality she has and know what she likes and doesn’t like.

Unfortunately, this year I wasn’t able to be there for her Birthday but my wife and I made sure that we would go all out and make the most out of it.


I really have to applaud my wife for trying her best to make it memorable.  My wife told me it doesn’t matter that If she remembers it or not but at least a couple of years down the line when she sees these pictures and videos she’ll know that we did our best to make most out of her birthday.

All I can say is that she truly is one lucky girl to be surrounded by so many people that loves her and we are truly lucky to have her in our lives as she has brought in a new kind of love and joy that we never knew we could have. Happy Birthday Melody