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Le Meridien Koh Samui

At last our second hotel review of our trip to Koh Samui is here! We decided to stay at the marvelous Le Meriden Koh Samui! Hope this review is helpful to everyone including the hotel it self 🙂

Location :

Pool at Le Meridien Koh Samui

Le meridien Koh Samui is located at Lamai Beach a more quieter in the Koh Samui area with softer low tide wave. There are a few restaurants nearby including Beach Republic which is a beach club. The hotel location is about 20 minutes from the airport and same as many other resorts in Koh Samui most will charge you a flat fee 😉

Check -In

Plunge Pool Room at Le Meridien Koh Samui

When you first enter the hotel you will be dazzled by the amazing hub which has a water display in the middle. You truly will feel that you have arrived at a luxurious majestical place! Check-in went by smooth without a hitch. Everything was done correctly as we booked through SPG. We were welcomed by cold towels and a nice welcome drink.

Afterwards, we were taken to our room and toured around the hotel by one of the trainees whom I can not remember exactly where he was from but If I recall correctly from South America. He was very kind and polite. He showed us all the facilities and how all things worked in our room!


Plunge Pool Room at Le Meridien Koh Samui

We stayed in the Plunge Pool suite 6107. The room itself is truly amazing! It’s decorated with a mixture of Chinese and Thai influences and is separated into four sections. The first section is the welcome terrace which is actually outdoors but is closed off with doors that act as a door lock to your room. It has a very comfortable daybed along with a mini bar, coffee machine, and hot water boiler. It’s a perfect place to just sit and relax in an open air area. Gerat this about this section is that it also has a fan incase it gets a bit hot.

Plunge Pool Room at Le Meridien Koh Samui

The second section you will be welcomed with the bedroom which has all things you’d expect including a dresser. This section of the room is quite a bit smaller but again it’s for you to just sleep. This is the only section of the room that has AC.

Plunge Pool Room at Le Meridien Koh Samui

The third section is the walkway to the bathroom which also includes a medium sized closet. This section is all open air and is where the plunge pool is located. Behind the plunge pool is also a small garden display of some palm trees and rocks. It’s truly a beautiful setting and the highlight of the room.

Plunge Pool Room at Le Meridien Koh Samui

The last and final section the bathroom where you’ll be able to find a nice large size rain shower and obviously the toiletry. All of which is also in open air. However there are netted curtains and some wired screens to protect you from unwanted guest 🙂

Plunge Pool Room at Le Meridien Koh Samui

Overall, the room was absolutely stunning and amazing no doubt of that at all! If you want impressive and exotic this is the room you should get! I do want to warn you though that there are some faults to having a room like this. First, if you have small children it’s probably not ideal to get this room [even though we did]. If you do decide to bring small children you’ll be either carrying them or hand holding them the entire time going to the bathroom as they could easily fall into the plunge pool. Secondly, the biggest issue we had with the room was the amount of mosquitoes that were there. They are literally everywhere especially in all the open areas and they will fly into the bedroom whenever they have a chance, so you will need to bring mosquito repellent and bug spray will need to be sprayed while cleaning the room [I’m not joking it doesn’t matter what time it is, they will be always be there and ready to bite you]. Thirdly, the plunge pool itself may need a bit maintenance and cleaning, it’s small and I don’t know how often it’s cleaned as from time to time you will see floating particles of bugs, dust, or whatever just floating there. The plunge pool though nice, but I think the way the room was designed sunlight never really hits plunge pool so it’s really cool and times freezing [This is when I actually wish it was a hot tub instead]. Lastly, this might be the case for only our room but there is some really strange fumes of food and trash from time to time which is really disturbing and actually made us quite nauseous. I was the only one in our family to use the plunge pool because all of the reasons and I only used it twice each less than 10 mins for our stay.


Welcome fruit at Le Meridien Koh Samui

Cleaning lady was very nice and polite. Everything was put placed as when you’d first walk in. We actually saw our cleaning lady as we went into get something from the room and she literally changed all the bedsheets, mopped the floor, scrubbed the toilets and necessary areas, and even did dust cleaning! This was no different for turn down service either,  So, I’m quite confident that the place is clean! One thing I really did appreciate about the cleaning lady was that she knew that we had our daughter with us. So she asked when we would be returning to our room as she wanted to spray bug spray but wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t be back for at least another two hours and offered to spray our room at a later time.


Lobby at . Le Meridien Koh Samui

Fast, prompt and on point. We ordered a few items and everything was delivered to us straight a way with no questions asked. We asked for additional water and literally they brought over a pack of 12 water bottles as they knew we had a child with us. We also appreciated the staff greeting us all around the resort and remembering our daughters name. It’s little gestures like this that makes a place feel special.


Food at Le Meridien Koh Samui

For all of our meals at the hotel we ate at the main restaurant “Latest Recipe”. As like most hotels the menu is pretty standard serving a variety mix of Thai and Western dishes including Pizza, Pad Thai, Steak, Burgers, and soups. Two main highlights of Latest Recipe  would definitely be sitting on the second floor during the evening for a view of the pool and the sea or sitting by the pool. The restaurant is all open air so do be aware of mosquitos.

Happy Hour at the Ocean Pier At Le Meridien Koh Samui

The other restaurant that is highlighted for this hotel or pretty much the main attraction is the Ocean Pier restaurant. This literally a fine dining restaurant placed floating in the middle of the ocean! Here you’ll be able to see breathtaking views of the ocean and an amazing view of the sunset. Pricing of a private dinner can be quite pricey,  but what people usually come here for is for the happy hour cocktails in the evening to take stunning photos! Yes, get your instagram game on here!



Pool at Le Meridien Koh Samui

So the main pool here is actually a bit smaller than what you would see at other resorts. This most likely be cause most of the rooms here beside the standard rooms have either a plunge pool, private pool, or have pool access [which is another pool for only those types of rooms] . Though, it’s a bit smaller it does serve it’s purpose and it’s the only pool main pool that sees a stunning view of the ocean. There are several sun bed but do know that during certain times they can be all taken. Next to the pool there is also another sunbed area which faces the ocean. It’s quite nice but note that that they have actually laid out fake grass to create a tanning in on the lawn type of feel.  Either way we enjoyed most of our time at the hotel here.


Beach at Le Meridien Koh Samui

Le meridien Koh Samui is located on Lamai Beach which is a beach where the water tides aren’t so rough. The beach itself isn’t really walkable during the day because of high tides but in the evening it’s quite nice. Because the way the beach at this end of the island is the there tends to be some seaweed and other things from the ocean that gets swept onto the beach, but no worries because it’s extremely well maintained as there are people sweeping and making sure that the beach is in nice condition.


Celebration of the day at Le Meridien Koh Samui

A few activities around the hotel but didn’t see anyone do any of them. Main highlight is the celebration of the day which happens at 19.19 everyday. What it is really is a mimic of Loy Kratong Festival but it surely is nice and beautiful and anyone visiting Thailand from abroad will surely enjoy it! We did see a few kayaking boats around which seems like the hotel offers this but obviously with a 1 year old baby we didn’t get to try it out. The only downside about this place is that there aren’t really any kids activities at all, then again this resort is geared towards more adults


Ocean Pier at Le Meridien Koh Samui

Check-out was smooth and the staff were polite. We did mention about the fumes from the ventilation system from the kitchen and they did apologize and take note about it. Overall we really did enjoy our stay and it was quite a different experience from what are usually used to it


  • Beautiful Rooms
  • Great Service and staff
  • Beautiful Celebration of The Day Activity
  • Wonderful view especially at the Ocean Pier


  • Strong fumes of cooking from  the ventilation system from the kitchen
  • Mosquitoes everywhere!
  • From time to time you can hear music from the beach bar next door
  • Plunge pools / Private pools could be better maintained
Ocean view at Le Meridien Koh Samui


  • Perhaps consider the Pool Access Room rather than the plunge pool
  • Coming early to get a good sunbed
  • Make sure you try out evening cocktails at the Ocean Pier
Cocktails Happy Hour at Le Meridien Koh Samui


Le Meridien Koh Samui is surely to be reckoned as a five star hotel. The hotel overall is well kept and maintained. The main highlight of this place is surely having dinner or cocktails and the Ocean Pier. I’d mostly recommend this p hotel for couples or those who want a more quieter experience. Also don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent, you will need it no matter where you are!




146/24 Moo 4, Lamai Beach, Maret, Surat Thani, Koh Samui, 84310, Thailand


Tel : +66 77 960 888

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Instagram :  LeMeridienSamui

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